New Acquisitions. Celine Marchbank. Shot in Isolation

We are delighted to have acquired a selection of 12 works from Celine Marchbank's recent series Shot in Isolation.


Marchbank explains:


"A series of seventy images made over a seven week period during the first UK lockdown in 2020, whilst recovering after contracting Covid19. Each evening making a new image in my kitchen with the flowers collected from my garden and allotment.


After having most of my work cancelled, like so many people in the industry, and contracted the virus, I was self-isolating alone without much to do. This series started as simply a daily creative activity, but then developed into a personal study of this strange and confusing time we were all going through. It was troubling times, we were being bombarded with stories and statistics of death each day, I was worried about the future and having Covid I was worried about my own health. The images reflect my mood and the collective mood throughout the country.


I spent many hours in my garden and when I could, my allotment. My house started to fill up with cut flowers, many were weeds that I suddenly paid more attention to. I started to see the small daily differences in the pots of flowers dotted around my home, they started to show the effect of time, they were the physicality of time expressed. In this strange limbo we were all living in, when the whole world seemed to be standing still, the flowers reminded me that life was continuing."


March 31, 2022
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