The photographs of Mark Edwards address the landscape of England, as he has explained:
"My work focuses on the landscape that I encounter on a regular basis. I repeatedly revisit and often think about these places for up to twelve months before I take the photograph. The resulting large-scale colour images represent both a physical and metaphysical inquiry into both the world of our own making and my own experience. Discovering points of affirmation in quiet and prosaic places, my pictures do not represent landscapes of the sublime but of the overlooked and the everyday.

While some elude to a form of permanence and others an ephemeral presence, all are fostered through human toil and physical endeavors, elements that are reflected in the making of the work.

I work with a 10 x 8 inch view camera. This allows for a slow and considered process when making the photographs whilst also registering the most intricate of details. The pictures also possess a stillness where the viewer is not aware of the exposures duration but rather the accumulation of moments and time inherent in the places where I make my pictures."