The Hyman Foundation

Registered Charity Number 1190955


Charitable Aims

For the public benefit, to promote and advance education in and appreciation of the arts, in particular the art of photography, in particular but not exclusively by:

a) The establishment and maintenance of an archive, collection and library of historical and contemporary photography; and

b) Providing support to contemporary artists working in photography through the awarding of grants and commissions in particular but not exclusively to young artists and to women working with photography.

Scope of Activities
The Hyman Foundation aims to promote and support photography in Britain in all its diversity.

The charity aims to facilitate the work of contemporary artists, fund research and scholarship, and address issues of legacy and the preservation of archives.

To serve these objectives, we plan to do the following:


Create a series of funded grants and projects. These include:

• Grants with a focus on young artists and women working in photography
• Mentoring for younger and mid-career artists to advise on their careers, consider legacy issues, and encourage best practice for archiving their work.
• Working with older artists to help preserve, archive and digitize photographic work for future heritage.
• Research grants for art historical scholarship

Establish and maintain an archive, collection and library of historical and contemporary photographs.


Form partnerships with other arts organizations, including Universities, to provide a hub for British photography past, present and future.